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Tactical Response Draw-and-Shoot Training System

Tactical Response Draw-and-Shoot Training System

Tactical Response Draw-and-Shoot Training System
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The data is undeniable. Criminals fire more accurately than police. While this is true, it is also unimportant. What is important is how we can change it.
No one wants to fire their gun in defense, but time and time again in the line of duty or in the defense of our homes or loved ones, good people around the world are forced to do just that. The important thing is when we are faced with a situation where instant, accurate and deadly force is our only choice that we are prepared to make that choice count. When these situations arise the criminal usually has the advantage, the criminal is prepared and good citizens are caught unaware and have only one chance to take action. You have one second to react and one shot. If you miss, the odds say that you will probably not survive. Good men and women need to make that first shot count. We need to be able to react quickly to threats and not miss. It is with this in mind that we created the Tactical Response or "TR system"
It’s not a week long training camp out in the desert. It’s not a video game or a toy gun, and no, it’s not a multi-level marketing scheme. The TR is a tool that you use to teach yourself to hit targets in the time it takes most people to wonder what’s going on.

There is no point carrying a gun if your first shot misses or comes too late. All those firearms training classes teach us how to own and care for a firearm. Shooting lessons and practice teach us how to fire a gun safely and accurately downrange in a controlled and relaxed environment. Even the most advanced training methods available to peace officers, armed forces and special services only teach you how to handle your weapon empty or they teach you how to shoot a loaded weapon from a ready, armed position. Yet how many life or death situations will come upon you while you are in the Modified Weaver stance? How often does your average person walk around corners with his or her weapon drawn and held at apogee? Life happens when you least expect it and that is where the TR comes in.

In a life or death situation you have only a split second to react and there are no second chances.
Instant reactions rely on muscle memory. Muscle memory relies on practicing good habits a lot. If you want to be good at something you practice real life actions repeatedly, you mark your progress, set goals and practice, practice, practice. Simple, right? Then why are none of us doing it? Not even our law enforcement professionals are logging enough hours to become truly proficient and who can blame them?

If you want to learn to play the piano practicing thirty minutes a day should get you there pretty quickly. If your life depended on how you play, you might want a little more than that. Thirty minutes a day of shooting would be nice, but it would get expensive and let’s be honest, it might wear on the wrist of even the most diehard shooter. Even if you could practice shooting every day, would that help you improve your reaction time? Would that teach your hands how to draw and fire accurately without hesitation? Practicing quick draw is dangerous. Drawing a gun and firing it is a very serious process that is not to be undertaken whimsically. A firearm is deadly and should not be fired under uncontrolled circumstances. Most would be shooters will practice drawing and dry firing. This will teach your muscles the right way to seize the grip, draw the weapon and pull the trigger. But where does the bullet go? Unless you fire a bullet you can only guess that your muscles have learned to by habit draw and aim where you think they should.

Some trainers have taken to using airsoft guns to teach your hands how to draw and shoot. But drawing a toy gun is at best sort of close to the real thing and at worst teaching your muscles to expect a lighter weapon with more or less trigger pull. You don't see A-Rod practicing with a plastic bat. Roger Federer didn't spend the first 5 years of his career swinging a Ping-Pong paddle. Peyton Manning didn't practice with a Nerf ball growing up because if you teach your muscles to play with toys they will learn how to play with toys. Wouldn't you rather practice with your weapon?

Your weapon of choice should be your only training weapon.

Make sure your weapon is empty, identify a target like a clock on the wall or the doorknob and draw and point without thinking about it. Now move your eyes over and see where your gun is really pointing. In most cases you will be surprised at how far off target your muzzle will be. Far enough to make it not only pointless but dangerous to fire without aiming. Unless you could train your hand to go where your eyes go.

Real target feedback is required for your muscles to lean where shoulders and arms and wrists and fingers need to be to give the eyes what they want. The TR can give you that.

How can you log hours practicing drawing and firing your own real firearm without spending every spare minute at the range, wearing hearing and eye protection and spending thousands of dollars in ammo; not to mention fees and the wear and tear on your firearm? The answer is the TR.

- Instant and accurate draw and fire habits that will let you put a bullet through an unexpected target; from holster to kill shot in under 0.3 seconds.
- Hours of practice using your own weapon and hitting targets after drawing from your own holster.
- Cost of ammo
- Time for practice
- Travel tiem to and from the range
- Safety

The Tactical Response System:
- Practice in your own home or office.
- Log hundreds of hours without buying bullets
- Practice using your own weapon
- Safe as dry fire (without the dry fire)
- Hit targets and see where your bullets land.

Quiet, safe and most of all, effective. The TR will teach you to make your first shot the last shot.
Learn to draw your weapon and fire accurately in the blink of an eye, and have fun learning!

We didn't design this product to make a profit. We designed this product because we wanted it. We wanted to know how to use the firearms we all own and carry. We wanted to know that members of law enforcement had the best chance to survive the dangerous situations into which they place themselves every day for our protection. The TR will make you a more effective shooter. The TR will one day win the WFDA and set new records but the record we are concerned with is "Most Consecutive Years Without an Officer Hurt".
The Tactical Response can help us all live in a safer world.


According to a 1995 study entitled “Armed Resistance to Crime: The Prevalence and Nature of Self-Defense with a Gun” by Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz, published by the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology at Northwestern University School of Law, law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year. according to Kleck amd Gertz, “Citizens shoot and kill more criminals than police do every year [2,819 times versus 303].”

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