Target Sticks Gunslinger Target Sticks are the best Target holders on the market
Gunslinger Target Sticks

Gunslinger Target Sticks

Gunslinger Target Sticks
Use any paper target on the market with ease. No more getting forced to buy a certain target. Buy whatever is on sale or make your own.The Kit. Bag, sticks, and parts.Clip the corners of the targetUse Gunslinger Target Sticks anywhere there is dirt. Or something you think is dirt.You can't become a better shot without practicing and luckily that means shooting.Spades help you power through tough ground and hold in place in snow or sandHolds any paper target or anything remotely like a paper target.When you run out of targets, you never run out of targets.
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Don't be caught unprepared when the worst happens zombies come.

The Gunslinger Target Sticks system is the simplest, most efficient target stand or target holder around. The best way for snipers, serious shooters, and casual plinkers alike to get the most out of the limited time they get to spend improving their skills and fine tuning their equipment.

Watch our unboxing video:

The best tools are the ones you have with you. Target Sticks are meant to be forgotten about until you are already on your way to shoot, just like all the other targets you meant to take with you but never did. The difference is that Target Sticks are already in your trunk or toolbox!
Don't waste a second of range time messing with duct tape or staples or swearing because you forgot to bring either. The first time you use it you will wonder why you ever used anything else.
How long did you store those old cardboard boxes so that you could take them shooting? How long did it take you to pick up the shredded remains when you were done? How long did it take you to get that mess out of your car? Or did you leave them on the range? Not cool. Very not cool.

Nothing could be simpler than driving two stakes into the ground, one on either side of your target. Use the clips to grip the edge of your target, and then stretch the target as tight as a sail. Beginners can set up a perfect target in under 60 seconds. Experts can do it less time than it takes to stand an old can on a pointy rock.

The Target Sticks system is meant to be forgotten in the trunk of your car or in a toolbox or behind the seat until you go shooting. Once you get there you no longer have to spend part of your day looking around for targets or pretending that tape sticks to dirty old cardboard. Any sheet of paper or cardboard or anything that acts like paper will become the perfect target. Throw a sharpie in your toolbox and you are set.

Buy three or more and get a discount at checkout!

But what happens if I shoot the clips?
People always say they will shoot the clips and bungee cords and it does happen, usually when you are either a little too far away, or a little reckless, or if you bring your friend and your friend is a jerk. Either way, if you shoot the clips, either buy a pack of 4 replacements, or send me a cool picture of the Gunslinger Target Sticks in use, and I will send you a FREE Replacement!
Length (disassembled) 24"
Length (assembled 48"
Max target size (without expansion kit) 24" x unlimited
Weight ~3 lbs
Materials 3/8" cold rolled steel
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Shooting time vs time setting up targets!Last year I went out alone to quickly test out my new PMR-30. I didn't have a lot fo time but this new pistol was burning a hole in my pocket and I didn't want to let the 45 minutes I had before the sun went down go to waste.
I pulled into the first good spot I could find a nearby hillside where plenty of people shoot, and there were three guys setting up a steel target about 100 yds to my right. I set up my Gunslinger Target Sticks and emptied two mags (that's 60 rounds) reloaded another 60 rounds and emptied again. I was shooting ten rounds per paper target, so I went through 12 targets.
Then I packed up and went home. The three guys next door were still setting up (looking sadly at the instructions, and jealously at me)
I handed them my leftover targets on my way out. I hope they eventually got to do some shooting. I also hope they had the sense to buy some Target Sticks!
Written by Mike on Thu 24 Aug 2017 3:12:54 PM GMT
AwesomeI used these last weekend (I have two sets) and we had a blast. Usually we set up one target then once it is shot to pieces we give up and start shooting rocks and sticks. But these make it so easy we just kept swapping out fresh targets and keeping them to compare later! I dialed in my AR to one MOA at 100 yds, and then started dialing in my self with my HK USP 45
Best day ever.
Written by D&M on Wed 17 Jun 2015 11:11:22 PM GMT
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The Target Sticks by Gunslinger

The Target Sticks by Gunslinger

How does it work? (Like Videos?) 

The real problem with target shooting is getting your target to stand up straight and be shot over and over, so target sticks solved that by gripping the corners of the paper and stretching them tight, like a sail.

Target sticks come in two parts, stick them together, drive them into ground by placing your foot on the cleat and stepping down. The sharp point slides easily into the ground. Then grab your target with the steel spring clips, and tighten the slide-stops on the cords. We use small bungee cords or "shock cords" to provide a little give and take in the wind. Adjust each corner to the right tension and then go shoot!

After you shoot it full of holes, you take another paper out to the target and transfer one clip at a time, remove it from the used target and clip it to the new one. This way the last clip is still holding your used target but your new target is still securly held, leaving both hands free to remove the used target and put it in your pocket. The wind can't take it away and blow it across the range, making a low-down litter-bug out of an otherwise decent man or woman.

If you run out of targets do what I do and pick up some litter. The Target Sticks will hold anything that you are willing to shoot. Pin up the bag and wrapper from lunch, (aim for the golden arches) the cardboard box all those cans came in, or bring a stack of paper from the office, draw a circle and then start filling that circle in with holes.

For lawyers and idiots:
1- Paper doesn't stop bullets so be responsible in placing your targets with a safe backstop.
2- Always shoot responsibly. Don't screw it up for the rest of us.
3- Take your used targets with you. Leave it cleaner than you found it.

No one loves plinking more than we do, but in the end plinking just won't make a good shot into great shot. To be an effective shooter you need to spend time zeroing in your sights at whatever range you seek to master. To do that you need a clean, clear paper target. Something that will not be reduced to a cloud of debris when you hit it. Something that will stay put and show you that while you hit it (Good shot) you hit it a little low and left of center. When you can adjust your sights or your aim and start crossing the i's and dotting the t's with your weapon, that is when you will hear a well deserved "Great shot!"

The problem with setting up targets is that too often we rush to the range with only guns and ammo and maybe in our range kit there will be a few wrinkled and nearly useless paper targets from last time.

Target Sticks target holderWithout a paper target you will start firing at a rock or tree or an old piece of letter. Already full of holes and useless in improving your skills. Only useful for showing off.

If you show up with a paper target you find yourself spending your valuable shooting time trying to find an old cardboard box that isn't too full of holes or too covered in mud and dew and trying to get your paper target to stick to it. Then you try to make spikes out of nearby twigs or weigh down the corners with small rocks, anything that will make a piece of paper hold still long enough to make shooting at it more productive than shooting at rocks or twigs.

Now shooting rocks and twigs and litter is fun, but it does not help you improve your shooting. To do that you need a straight, clean, paper target.

Imagine if you had the Target Sticks in your trunk or toolbox!

Those old, useless, wrinkled paper targets kicking around at the bottom of the box are as good as new once stretched tight between Target Sticks
The targets you brought with you are all instantly usable with no time wasted taping them to a box or pinning them to a board that you made room for in your car!
If you forgot targets, use any paper or other flat object.

  • Homework is great for filling with holes.
  • Paperwork from the office, best use it will ever be put to.
  • Pictures of "the ex" (Wait... that might not be a healthy outlet.) 
  • Litter you found at the range. (But there is a catch, once you shoot it, it is yours and you should take it with you when you go.)
  • McD's wrappers 
  • Paper bags
  • Cardboard
  • Any piece of paper! Draw a few circles on it with a marker and it is a target!

Every trip to the range would include perfect targets with no time wasted. You will get addicted to quality practice. No longer content to see dust fly, real shooters want to know exactly where their bullets went and improve. 

Even if you forget the paper targets, if you have anything kicking around the floor of your car you can still turn that into a great target! (I am waiting for someone to post a video of the most redneckulous thing they flattened out and used as a target! I'm thinking beer car, high school diploma, trucker hat, carburator, the possibilities are endless!)

Check out our video!
What's not to love? Why haven't you bought one yet? Or Two?

Videos about Gunslinger Target Sticks

Check out our unboxing video and see what you get and how to use it!

Quick set up on the first try.

Set up and adjust the paper targets to perfection.

Shoot things.

Ever run out of targets before you are ready to go home? Never again!

Take down is easier than set up!

Pack up is a breeze, too!
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