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Gunslinger paper Targets

Gunslinger paper Targets

Gunslinger paper Targets
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1 roll of 20 of our custom 8 1/2" x 11" paper bulls eye targets.
  • Heavy reticle-like directional quadrant indicators help you zero in on the bulls eye even at long distances with open sights.
  • High quality paper to make it easier to hang and keep.
  • The roll fits perfectly inside your Target Sticks carry bag so you are always ready to hit the range.
  • Stylish Gunslinger Logo in the background so you can imagine disarming an adversary with one miracle shot!
  • Makes a great Christmas gift!
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  1. Send us pictures of your used Gunslinger Targets back to us and qualify for free gear and discounts on products!!
  2. Send us the distance, caliber, position and weapon/ammo info.
  3. Compare your work with other shooters, share tips and tricks, ask questions of the experts on our forums.

Contains the following text about the amazing Target Sticks:
Heavy-duty steel construction
Adjustable for larger targets.
Ask about our expansion packs!
Fits any size and any shape target.

Convenient size lets you store it in your trunk or toolbox. Replaceable parts in case something gets lost or broken.
Useful for displaying welcome home banners or large for sale signs as well. Print your own targets at home or in
the field with a marker! Unused wrapping paper makes a great target. Anything you can put a bullet through can
potentially be turned into a target. Hang larger targets with multiple bulls-eyes
and spend less time walking down range. The list of reasons why this is a
must have for any shooter is so long it would make a great target if you
printed it and hung it on the Gunslinger Target Sticks.

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