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Now that you have sighted in your favorite firearm from "newb" to "deadly accurate", there is still plenty of time leftover to waste some cans to prove you have everything dialed in.

The CanSlinger lets you string a dozen common soda cans up for instant and repeated can destruction in no time. 
What's more fun than knocking cans over? Not having to set them back up again.

Clip the cans with the alligator clips and aim low. Each shot sends them spinning, but when they come to a stop you shoot them again! No need to make the walk down range after every hit. Keep shooting until the cans are too ruined to shoot or until you remember how much ammo costs.

It's CAN-tastic!

- They don't go flying off into the weeds every time you hit them.
- They DO stay there and mock you sliently every time you miss.
- You don't have to gather up the shattered remains of each can and deal with sticky and potentially sharp corners.
- You DO have to replace them after you have hit them dozens of times and ruined them completely. (Which is awesome.)

See how easy it is to protect the environment while still shooting stuff like a madman? Everyone should be doing this!

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
This thing really works!I only bought this thing as a gift, and I didn't really think it would work, but I was so happy to be wrong.
I have been shooting with the can slinger attachment twice and it was a real good time. The cans stay put mostly so instead of knocking down all the cans once, you keep nailing them over and over again. Loved it!
after a few hits one of the cans came loose and then a dozen hits later another one came loose but instead of shooting 10 shots at 10 cans, we shot two boxes of ammo before we decided to take a break and go reset a few of the cans.
The same cans came right off again, so maybe there was something wrong with those clips or those cans, but since there were so many cans to shoot it wasn't a problem. Great idea.
Written by Dave on Thu 7 Dec 2017 3:39:57 PM GMT
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