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Note taker digital pen system

Tablet PC's were thought for a while to be the next big thing in portable computers but what happened? Where did they go?

Tablets are a cool idea that never worked the way we thought it would. Cost was WAY too high and performance wasn't what we wanted. Tablets are touchy, literally. Giant touch screens sound like fun until you try to use your big fat finger to rename a shortcut on your desktop, or to select several files at once. Too often users found themselves dragging half of what they wanted off the desktop and ripping the names off of unsuspecting icons.

  Touch screens

Human fingers are just too fat for tiny touch screens It just doesn't work. Tablet users found themselves using the keyboard and mouse combo 90% of the time anyway. The only thing the tablet was useful for was impressing people who'd never used one.
But what about the ease of natural writing? That is still a good idea and thankfully we have found a better way to give users what they really want.

The Note Taker system is powerful, portable, simple and cheap.

It's a pen. That's all. Not a big fat chunky pen with AA batteries inside, not a pen with a cord attached. Just a pen. It looks like any other pen and it works like any other pen. That's the beauty. You will find yourself using it when you don't even want the info saved because it's so easy.
The techie part isn't in the pen, its in the little clip that goes on the corner of your notebook!


The Mobile Note Taker digital pen system

Only an inch wide by two inches long it clips inconspicuously onto any notepad and turns a stack of papers into your new tablet!

Write anything you want and it records it all! Then when you get back to your office you upload and there is your data, cursive becomes editable text. Chicken scratch becomes real data. Simple sketches are now saved jpg's you can edit and use in your next presentation!

  • Imagine the power of having the exact drawings you used to convince your clients printed in your proposal!
  • Imagine how much easier it will be to transfer ideas from rough to finished when you can take the cocktail napkins and scraps of paper with you into the contracts and presentations that close the deal!
  • Imagine taking notes at countless departmeet meetings and then having the data all stored and searchable the next time your boss asks you "Didn't we all agree last year that the next meeting would be held at Subway?" "Um...No, you said on the subway. See you drew this map."
Use the Mobile Note Taker anywhere!
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