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Gunslingers Target Sticks

Gunslingers Target Sticks

The Gunslinger group is working to provide tools to help shooters become better shooters in all situations.

Gunslinger Target Sticks are the latest product offered to simplify your trips to the range and make it easier for you to make the most of the time you have to practice.

No one loves plinking more than we do, but in the end plinking just won't take you from good shot to great shot. To be an effective shooter you need to spend time zeroing in your sights at whatever range you are interested in mastering. To do that you need a clean clear paper target. Something that will not be reduced to a cloud of debris when you hit it. Something that will stay put and show you that while you hit it (Good shot) you hit it a little low and left of center. When you can adjust your sights or your aim and start crossing the i's and dotting the t's with your weapon, that is when you will hear a well deserved "Great shot!"

The problem with setting up targets is that too often we rush to the range with only guns and ammo and maybe in our range kit there will be a few paper targets from the last time we had time to prepare correctly.

Target Sticks target holderWith only a paper target you find yourself spending your valuable shooting time trying to find an old cardboard box that isn't too full of holes or too covered in mud and dew and trying to get your paper target to stick to it. Then you try to make spikes out of nearby twigs or weigh down the corners with small rocks, anything that will make a piece of paper hold still long enough to make shooting at it more productive than shooting at rocks or twigs.

Now shooting rocks and twigs and litter is fun, but it does not help you improve your shooting. To do that you need a straight, clean paper target.

Imagine if you had the Target Sticks in your toolbox! Every trip to the range would include perfect targets with no time wasted. Even if you forget the paper targets, if you have anything from old paper wrapping from McDonald's you can still turn that into a great target! Check out our video!
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